Aseem Singh

With an MBA in Entrepreneurship and with considerable exposure to events planning and management, Aseem Singh the young and dynamic Director of Telfa’s started Adam & Events in the year 2010.

Aseem’s vision and knowledge of the market trends has helped him steer the company in a short time to its strong position as a leading event and talent management company. The company has and is managing local, regional and international talents from various fields such as entertainment, music, sports and fitness. Adam & Events not only promote the established stars who are stalwarts in their fields but also focus in identifying raw talents and helping them through their journey to being a star.

The Company has achieved great success following the one rule, work within the client budget. This is the key to their success in such a competitive market and Aseem believes that every event deserves stars and great talent participation and it should not cost the moon or the sun to make that happen.

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